Category: Exposing The SCAM strategies Exposing the Scam strategies used by the big eastern cartel in the Middle East and the Far East:

Big volume fraud is currently being carried out by Malay-Chinese operators. In connection with big money launderers, this scam has reached the level of over 8 billion dollars in a mere 4 years.

Money laundry networks in the Middle East and Hong Kong have repeatedly routed money to their regions through projects by using such projects as Virgin Gold Mining Corporation, Asia Pacific, Eurofx and Power8. is a recently created platform which has used their partners and associates to move a considerable amount of money to sanctioned countries. These investments included investments in casinos and real estate in such countries as Hong Kong and Macau.

In this article, we will identify the strategies and tactics used by this big Eastern cartel in detail, step-by-step. In addition, we will discuss the evidence (documents, photos/videos, government sanctions/warnings) as well as the security concerns (like Malaysia and Hong Kong national security organizations) which have led to being banned and black-listed on state-owned websites.  (Singapore’s Government Investor Alert List)  (Malaysia Securities Commission) Malaysia Scam Alert List

Our goal is to provide you information about their tactics and step-by-step activities about how they target their victims. seeks individuals based on their personal wealth and lifestyle in specific regions including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

1. Techniques of company registration by region: state-sponsored evidence

2. Photos and videos: evidence of fake identities used by personnel

3. Online documents and evidence

 we solely ask you to judge based on the evidence provided without any Prejudgment. has based its branding on the naiveté of its victims. By using the victim’s friends and family to lure them, has branded itself as the investment platform these people can trust. Since most people have a lack of knowledge about financial matters, most of these investments were lost and the investors lost their money.


1. Techniques of company registration by region: state-sponsored evidence:

according to the government’s official website, the company’s registration in London (Company House)

Our investigation began in London, England. London is one of the most transparent cities in the world and we started our investigation by paying funds to the state-owned websites to acquire documents. fraudsters should never forget that there is always a trace left behind! What we found was horrifying. Our search took us to the number VAT 251302845 which belonged to the commercial brand of (VAT Search UK Government)

From the number VAT 251302845, we reached the company’s main name that was registered under the commercial brand and the company “MYTHEN LTD” with Mr. Michael Gordon as CEO, having 174 companies registered in his name!

You will notice in the link below, the company is registered with a category code of 68209 which is for real estate. (Company House)

MYThen LTD Files

Micheal Gordon Scammer

If you pay attention to the link above, the branch in which the company is put into with number 09925899, you will notice an interesting point. company’s name is MYTHEN LTD, the registration number is 09925899, its CEO is Mr. Michael Gordon who has 174 companies registered in his name. The company has a category registration number with a category registration number of 68209, which means it is registered in the category of as a Real estate. License in Company House VAT Search Point

At this point, as we start to get a clearer picture of the scam, several pieces of this puzzle are starting to come together. The company claims to be an institute of education and human rights in Africa, yet it does not have an educational license and the corporate charter indicates it’s involved in real estate as its primary business. is also registered in the respected Appstore by a Ms. Ana Maria Udrescu under “games and computer games.” In our opinion these are all very stupid mistakes and once we started to investigate, they were fairly easy to discover.

AppStore Information About Financial.Org Scam App on iOS

Clearly the big Eastren fraud cartel has been very poorly organized!

The MYTHEN LTD claims to be an international education organization, ostensibly furthering human rights and helping human education systems. Under the pretext of education in London and by misusing the formula 1, has used its marketing strategy to yield profits of 192%. Even with all this evidence, their website claims at the bottom of the page that, “ is an educational platform. We DO NOT deal with securities and receive any financial benefits from Financial Products & Service Providers.” Scam Education no Financial Responsibility

Based on this evidence and documents, one has to wonder; how can an educational company with no cooperation with monetary inspection companies, registered as a real estate entity and also a “game” on the Appstore, achieve 192% in profits per year?

In reality, the company was collapsing and was desperate for new blood to survive in the Middle East. As a result, the owner’s stock was reduced from $10,000 to only $3000 and they increased the amount of threshold. By doing this, they increased their profit rate from 4-6% to 16-18%. Alexa Reports Scam

As you can see, they do not act like a legitimate company, with transparent syllabi, employee information or professor list. The documentation we found in London clearly shows how they are committing fraud by misusing the formula 1 and yielding 192% of profit.

We have forwarded the results of our investigation to the finance regulation authorities in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We will also reveal the addresses used for registering in Company House, UK and in the free zone Ajman and Fujairah.

CompanyHouse Evidence Information Company House files Scams in Ajman and Fujairah

2. Photos and videos: evidence of fake identities used by personnel

Once we understood the strategy and tactics used by this big cartel, we also discovered that one name was everywhere: Bogdan Raduka.

Bogdan Raduka is a wanted fugitive from Dubai & Abu Dhabi with a bail of almost 800,000 AED.

Raduca is Scammer in

According to the latest reports by Captain Yasser, who is investigating this case, Bogdan Raduka, a Romanian, the international scammer has been seen in Al Qihadah al amah (CID) in Dubai and the case is still on:

After a simple inquiry to the Dubai authorities, we found a link between VGMC in Dubai and via Bogdan Raduka. We learned that Raduka has worked as the head of recruiting of new forces as well as financing the costs of VGMC. In addition, Raduka once used the name Mr. Arnaud Georges who was listed as one of the executives of VGMC whom at this moment is the head of This duplicity was discovered when Raduka apparently forgot that he used the name Arnaud Georges as his persona for the head of VGMC. Scam Team Scam Team

Still, keep your eyes closed, the messy childish activities and tactics of this big cartel will become clearer by revealing new faces and identities used by them:

So what have we learned so far in our investigation of this big cartel?

  •’s true name is MYTHEN LTD
  • Michael Gordon(Director) has 174 companies registered in his name
  • The company’s registration code was 68209, which is the code for real estate
  • The company is registered as a “game” on the Appstore under the name Ana Maria Udrescu (traceable gateway)
  • is registered with a postal address in London with the parent company listed in Ajman and Fujairah
  • claimed that Mr. Arnaud Georges who is a Romanian as the company’s president when in reality it was actually Bogdan Raduka, who was using the name Georges as an alias in VGMC
  • The evidence is based on documents, photos and videos, not based on rumors or tabloid reporting. All our proof is based on solid investigation and legitimate sources
  • We have sent our documented proof to state agencies in transparent countries such as Singapore(previously had warned about this company), Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London

Anyone even if they are illiterate can simply go visit websites at the so-called countries (incl. Britain) and see the documents for themselves.

If you would like to view this documentation for yourself, click on the links below and you can see our proof.  (Singapore’s Government Investor Alert List)  (Malaysia Securities Commission) (Company House) (VAT Search UK Government) (Company House)

AppStore Information About Financial.Org

CompanyHouse Evidence Information

Now that we are aware of this point, we can continue to keep a blind eye on this messy horrific cartel of, and see the number of victims grow – or we can open our eyes and face this truth:

if we continue to turn a blind eye to this, we will never become aware, and we will see our family, friends, relatives become victims to this cartel; or, we wake up now!

You can wake up somebody who is asleep, but you can’t do the same to somebody who pretends to be sleeping

3. Online documents and evidence

This cartel with the idea of assuming that other people fools and has an extremely strange scenario which is very akin to the first story developed by this Malay-Chinese Cartel in SwissCash. The Cartel hasWith assembled a story similar to SwissCash, changing the date from 1948 to 1980s, and abducting once more the country of Switzerland and another Swiss medal on the fake body of these blood suckers, but with stains from the blood of money losers and victims!

You can find the following useful data about the company that claims to be active in Switzerland since the 1980s, by simply running a WHOIS search on its domain name, server, etc.*/ Archive shows that domain is new registred

According to this report, its domain name was bought and registered through Nobody expects this company to registered its domain name back then like other financial institutions and banks do now,  since the very beginning of the Internet. but even the simplest financial and education institutions that claim to be as old as 1980s, registered their domain names in the beginning of 21st century.!!

As you can see from the image above, has registered and purchased its domain from Companies were not expected to register their domains back in the 1980s but even the simplest financial companies and education institutions are typically registered their domains since the very beginning of the internet now that we’ve entered the 21st century.  It’s very odd that an institute which claims to have powerful sponsors with offices in Switzerland, London, Abu Dhabi, etc. and claims to have operated since the 1980s, would have registered their domain 35 year AFTER it was formed?

Based on our investigation and the evidence above, we have reached the following conclusions:


  1. The Malay-Chinese Cartel from 2005 is based on the old Switzerland group, SwissCash founded First Dynasty of blood suckers in 1948. has used the same methods and has altered their dates to appear more legitimate
  2. In 2009, in cooperation with Romanian national Bogdan Raduka, VGMC was founded. VGMC committed fraud in the amount of almost $2.6 billion without one legal project. Their illegal subsidiaries included fake attorneys, Nauer company and a Asian-Pacific company with was made possible by the involvement of Bogdan Raduka, David Orchard, Bryan Cook (imprisoned at the time of this article), and July Cook.
  3. In 2012, with the cooperation of Bogdan Raduka and David Orchard, the Malay-Chinese Cartel began their money laundering with access to illicit money in the Middle East through investments in casinos and real estate in Hong Kong and Macau as well as a few other sanctioned countries in the Middle East. They created the website EuroFx with chic offices in London. The company was managed by Romanian-Scottish who was introduced by Bogdan Raduka to worked as the chief executive. David Orchard

4.  During 2013-2014, once more they targeted wealthy football teams, and by exploiting the team “Everton” as a sponsor, they introduced themselves and started opening luxury offices in Spain. but unfortunately what happened to the lost capital of Chinese and Middle Eastern individuals  and the company “power8” and sponsorship of EVERTON? Are we expecting a similar fate as “Power8”? (Which even has the names of stadiums to its name) but happening in different places and dates with

Power8 Scam another project of Big Scam Cartel

In the years from 2014-2015, this hungry cartel is back in business,–  after committing the frauds mentioned above targeting markets in the Middle East, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Abu Dhabi.

This cartel conducted the following activities:

  • According to credible resources, they registered the domain of “” with (2015)
  • They registered the company “MYTHEN LTD” in Michael Gordon’s name (Gordon also has 174 companies registered in his name)
  • They obtained a license to operate from the United Kingdom in the field of real estate (68209)
  • In early 2016, they introduced Arnaud George as President of with the help of Bogdan Raduka, an executive of VGMC
  • According to Apple Corporation, they have registered themselves as a game developer on the Appstore under the name of Ana Maria Udrescu
  • In the same year, the name “Company House” has been used as a front in Ajman and Fujairah and UAE.

We aim to prevent another catastrophic financial disaster in the Middle East and the Far East through forming a close relationship with security organizations and recruiting real physical lawyers, and by creating and distributing such daily and weekly reports until this fake body of fraud is indicted and known by everyone – along with its network’s money laundry in the Middle East, registration affairs in Romania, its financial affairs in Hong Kong, and casinos in Macau. we are persistent with what we do, to reach our final aim through referencing to evidence, photos, videos, and other sources, some of which you see above.

we have submitted all the related photos and evidence to security and juridical organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, china, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. More importantly by recruiting professional lawyers in London, we seek to reach our goal.

if you have any information, photo or documents regarding this big middle eastern- Romanian Chinese-Malay cartel, please send it to the email address below:

to be continued…